2023 Competition Entry

*Update* Downing Enterprise 2023 is now open for new applications


The entry form consists of a few basic questions about your prospective company:

  • We want to hear your Executive Summary – In 150 words, how would you describe what your business does?  A non-expert should be able to understand what product or service you provide.
  • We want to know about the customer problem that you addressing with your business- is there a specific niche in the market that you plan on addressing. What makes your product the best to suit their needs?  Are you targeting customers who you think would be most engaged by your product?
  • What is your strategy to grow and increase revenue?  From where you are today, what next steps will the business take in order to move towards increased revenue and profitability? What problems can you foresee your business potentially facing?
  • How would funding from Downing Enterprise help your business?  If you are successful in this competition, what would be your spending priorities to ensure the funding is best utilised?  Is there something that funding would allow you to do that is currently out of reach for your business?
  • What is the competitive landscape around your product like?  Who would be your main competitors?  How do you intend to compete with other, potentially larger and more established businesses with similar products.
  • You and your team – what are your strengths, what are your experiences, and what roles do you play in making the team work well together?
  • We have provided the opportunity to provide additional information in the form of additional text at the end of the google form or emailing enquiries@downingenterprise.com a single PDF file.
We wish the best of luck to all entrants!
Submission deadline is midday (GMT), Wednesday 28 December 2022.