Six teams presented on the 12th of March resulting in £4k of prize money and a follow up investment rounds totalling £40k

Six teams presented their business plans to the Downing Enterprise Panel of Judges on 12 March, resulting in AUVR, Food Plus, and Legal Sphere winning £2k, £1k, and £1k prize money respectively. Following the event, teams were invited to pitch for a larger sum of investment resulting in the initiation of follow on investment rounds totalling £40k. More details will be announced soon!

This year’s business entries range from using virtual reality to assist autistic children to using genetics to improve drug prescription and better predict side effects:

Mentor: Nick Evans

Use of virtual reality headsets to provide digital interventions to autism patients. The contestants have won £6,000 which they used to deploy a pilot study of existing products with 13 autistic children in Malaysia.

Food Plus
Mentor: Muoi Lien

Food powder can be produced using surplus food collected from farmers and supermarkets. We have attended a two month accelerator and have begun developing prototype powder and ‘vegetable and fruit crisps’.

Mentor: Robert Markwick

Correlating genomic data and patient level clinical data to improve prescription of drugs and prediction of adverse drug reactions. We intend to work with the NHS and private health insurance companies and have won first place at the Judge Business School “Genomics Venture Weekend” competition and have started the Cambridge ‘Pre Accelerate’ programme.

Legal Sphere
Mentor: Stephen Paine

Legal Sphere aims to be the dominant player that supplies this new age of legal freelancers and solicitors with the complete infrastructure and client base to build their online brand and work for themselves at any time and from anywhere.

Mentor: Mervyn Parry

Quiclear is developing a multiplex point-of-care diagnostic device to rule out infective causes of diarrhoea and improve patient flow. We have a committed and determined team and advisory board, holding significant scientific, commercial and clinical experience.

Oleander Health
Mentor: David Wormsley

A unique, spectrally versatile gas spectroscopy system based on validated high precision LED techniques (Serdyukov, 2013). Its abilities allow it to be used in breath analysis for disease diagnosis, monitoring and control, mobile pollution sensing and remote industrial monitoring.